Elbow Procedures and Operations Queensland

As an upper limb specialist, Dr Benjamin Hope will carefully assess your elbow and arm function.

A healthy, fully functioning elbow is vital for movement of your arm, wrist and hand. Your elbow joint is formed by three bones: the humerus of the upper arm and the radius & ulna of the lower arm. It is capable of hinge-like movement (bending and straightening of the forearm) and also allows forearm rotation.

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Shoulder Surgery Procedures

Dr Ben Hope is an orthopaedic surgeon with a specialist interest in shoulder surgery.

Shoulder joints are the most mobile joints in your body, giving your arms a large range of movement.

To achieve this range of movement the shoulder is shaped like a shallow ball & socket joint. However, being shallow means that it can be unstable. The shoulder joint relies on the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments to keep it in a good position. Strain or damage to these tissue…